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Winter is a perm season

· perm hair

The natural texture of the texture is very popular this winter, whether you are 20 or 40 years old, you can try it, it will give you a warm feeling in the cold winter.

Natural texture hot:
The general texture of short hair will be very curled and fluffy, and even a bit exaggerated, but the natural smoothness of the shape will look more natural, especially the girl with a fleshy face can also cut a slanting bangs to modify the face, the percentage Hundreds of thin.

Shoulder texture hot hair:
Shoulder hair has always been the favorite of girls, that is, good-looking and good care, especially with the texture of the hot after the decoration will appear layered and very dynamic. With a partial bangs full of personality.

Intellectual sweet texture hot hair:
This kind of short hair and texture is a favorite shape of many women. The perm line with clear lines brings out the female's intellectual beauty, and the irregular bangs make the overall shape very eye-catching.

Bobo head texture hot white hair:
The sensational lady's bobo head has short human hair extensions texture, and the slightly curled bangs are fashionable and fashionable. The ear is covered and the effect of repairing the face is full.

Corn must be textured:
The long curly hair style and the middle point, the exaggerated and fashionable linen dyed hair is very feminine.

After reading so many fashionable hairstyles, I believe there is always one that you like.

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