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Long curly hair fashion and no face

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The long hair style is definitely a versatile hairstyle that can't be picked. Any face-type girl can be controlled, and the long-length winter cut can also create the feeling of healing in winter. Now let's understand one. Long hair curling hairstyle in the group.

This long hair curly hair style, the length of the shoulder position, the inner buckle and the air bangs, the natural hairstyle looks gentle and ladylike, and has some sweet feeling, making the whole popularity look very feminine, very temperament.

The middle and long curly hair with the tail buckle is the same as the bangs with the middle point. It is small and ladylike, and it is not picking people at all.

This is a long hair curled out in the middle, when the tail is piled up on the shoulders, the natural eversion roll looks retro dignified and ladylike, with the air bangs more aggressive, a very good mid-length hair It.

The bangs with the upper part are the feeling that the clavicle is very feminine.

The medium-length perm of the outer curling is also super-bright, and this warm brown looks very healing, and it is a very white color.

This medium-length hair style is just a micro-volume shape. It is not exaggerated and has a high degree of intimacy. It is equipped with a thin Qi Liuhai, and the hairpin design is very age-reducing. It is a natural curl that reveals one side. The ears are more temperamental.

Joining the micro-volume medium-length hair style, it is very foreign, oh, the Qi Liu Hai is replaced with the same big picture as the model in the picture, the instant gas field is very Queen, and super-intelligence.

The tail is micro-volume, with a partial bangs, a retro look, very Hong Kong flavor.

This is the medium long curly hair of the egg roll, the egg roll will be a little playful feeling, dyed a popular rose gold this year, super dreamy, just a little fairy.

This is a hair-tailed micro-volume, pink series of dyeing, coupled with air bangs, a very sweet sister.

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